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Create an Endowment!

Retired (and current) faculty and staff can create endowments to support the Learn by Doing experience of our students. The minimum level to establish an endowment has been reduced to $12,500 for Cal Poly current and retired faculty and staff through 2021.

To read the letter authorizing this change to the minimum threshold, signed by President Jeffrey D. Armstrong and RFSA officers Joe Grimes and Bill Kellogg, click here.

The following are guidelines to establish an endowment:

  1. The minimum contribution must be $12,500. This must come entirely from Cal Poly current and retired faculty and staff. Those seeking to establish an endowment are encouraged to seek and include additional outside support.
  2. The endowment may be funded over a five-year period to reach the minimum contribution.
  3. A single endowment may be created by multiple Cal Poly current and retired faculty and staff members.
  4. The endowment creators may determine a name and use of the endowment.

Gifts of any size may be added later to enlarge the endowment over time.

Endowments provide a consistent flow of support to students and allow the university to plan into the future. When you make an endowed gift, your contribution is invested and becomes part of Cal Poly's endowment. An annual distribution is made for the purpose you designate. Because the principal remains intact the fund will generate support in perpetuity.

For more information, contact Cal Poly's Office of Gift Planning at 805-756-7125 or

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