Retired Faculty and Staff Association


Please consider becoming a contributing member of the Cal Poly Retired Faculty and Staff Association. Two types of memberships are available: year-to-year and lifetime. Lifetime memberships help grow an endowment that provides scholarships for deserving students. Whether you elect to pay your dues annuallya nominal $20or on a one-time basis, we'd love to have you as a contributing member.

The RFSA works on your behalf to offer opportunities to volunteer your talents, socialize, make new friends, connect with old friends, gather together to learn what's new at Cal Poly and elsewhere (like our trip to the Getty Center in October 2019), and support the University in its "Learn by Doing" endeavors.

You spent part or all of your working career as part of the Cal Poly community; the association helps ensure your connection to this communityand Cal Poly's connection to youcontinues in this newest chapter of your life.

Your annual dues, which run January 1-December 31, help to offset RFSA expenses. But if you're feeling philanthropic or just prefer a one-time membership fee, we encourage you to consider the association's "lifetime membership" option. Many of our members have made this choice in lieu of once-a-year dues. One hundred percent of the lifetime membership fee goes into an endowment the association has established to fund student scholarships. Members have the pleasure of meeting and hearing from scholarship recipients at the University's annual June Jubilee, which pays tribute to retired faculty and staff.



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