Retired Faculty and Staff Association

June Jubilee 2022 Celebrates Retired Faculty and Staff

On June 30, 2022, Cal Poly retired faculty and staff gathered in the lobby of Harold Miossi Hall in the Performing Arts Center on the Cal Poly campus for June Jubilee, hosted by Vice President for University Development and Alumni Engagement Zachary K. Smith.

The program featured a complimentary luncheon, live music by a student ensemble, and remarks by Retired Faculty and Staff Association (RFSA) President Bill Kellogg, Past President Joe Grimes, and Zack Smith.

Bill Kellogg's remarks included the introduction of the RFSA Board members in attendance, a welcome to incoming association vice president Charlie Crabb, and a thank-you to outgoing vice-president Jim Murphy for all the work he did to arrange three exceptional RFSA programs during academic year 2021-2022. Zack Smith's remarks paid tribute to the many contributions made by retired faculty and staff, their importance to the Cal Poly community, and their dedication to the ongoing support of the University.

Following their remarks, RFSA Scholarship Chair Laura Dimmitt introduced the 2021-2022 Centennial Scholars Payton Southwick (COSAM) and Cherokee Trent (CLA), each of whom received a $3,000 scholarship award.

The Retired Faculty and Staff Centennial Scholarship is the official philanthropy of the Retired Faculty and Staff Association. As of the 2021-2022 academic year, 24 students have received Centennial Scholarships, which are awarded to top scholars entering Cal Poly as freshmen who have demonstrated leadership and meritorious service to their schools and communities. The first scholarship was awarded in 2003.

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