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Retired Faculty and Staff Centennial Scholarship

The Retired Faculty and Staff Centennial Scholarship is the official philanthropy of the Retired Faculty and Staff Association.  For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023, the Retired Faculty and Staff Centennial Scholarship Endowment had a fair market value of $169,733.46. 

As of the 2023-24 academic year, 28 students have received Centennial Scholarships, which are awarded to top scholars entering Cal Poly as freshmen who have demonstrated leadership and meritorious service to their schools and communities. The first scholarship was awarded in 2003, to entering freshman Christiane Kragel.

For more information on the scholarship endowment, contact Scholarship Officer Laura Dimmitt. Use this form to contribute. Retired faculty and staff who contribute $250 or more receive life membership in the Retired Faculty and Staff Association.

Centennial Scholars

Mauricio Rodriguez
College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED)
Mauricio is a Construction Management major and a graduate of Earl Warren High School in Downey. Sparked by four years of construction technology courses, Mauricio worked as a project manager for the framing of a "tiny house." He also was mentored in the Metro Transportation Career Academy Program (TCAP), during which time he worked with a team to design a bus wrap for the 2028 LA Olympics. At Cal Poly, Mauricio hopes to have gained at least a few internship opportunities to develop experience in the construction management field.

Nikki Nguyen
College of Engineering (CENG)
Nikki is a Materials Engineering major hoping to apply her sports interest and skills in the athletic gear and equipment industry. She is a graduate of Alpha Cindy Avitia High School in Santa Clara. Nikki participated in the Dell Mentorship Program which offered opportunities to interact with professionals in the tech industry. She also attended the Academy of Art University Pre-College Art Experience, gaining knowledge in art and design programs for high schoolers. Nikki is a first year Cal Poly Scholar.

Natalie Danielle Eckler
College of Agriculture, Food and environmental Sciences (CAFES).
Natalie is an Environmental Earth and Soil Sciences major hoping to minor in Geology. From West Sacramento, she is a graduate of River City Senior High School. Natalie's focus is to teach people about our earth and natural world problems, while utilizing her hands-on education as an earth and soil scientist. She is also an esteemed Cal Poly Scholar.

Alondra Rodriguez Flores
Orfalea College of Business (OCOB).
Alondra is a Business Administration major hoping to minor in Finance. She is a student-athlete graduate of Santa Clara High School. Alondra participated in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, a rigorous college prep curriculum. This experience afforded her the opportunity to become familiar with well-known companies and dynamic careers she aspires to in the business and technology fields.

Payton Southwick
College of Science and Mathematics (CSM).
Payton is a Biological Sciences major hoping to double minor in Spanish and Child Development. She is a graduate of Wilsonville High School in Wilsonville, Oregon. In support of her goal to attend medical school, Payton worked in a pediatrics office, primarily responsible for maintaining a knowledge base of pediatric psychiatrists, an area she wishes to pursue.

Cherokee Trent

College of Liberal Arts (CLA).
Cherokee is a Child Development major from Fresno. She is a graduate of Philip J. Patino Entrepreneurship High School. Cherokee’s focus is to make an impact in the world, and she believes the best way to accomplish this is by making a difference in the lives of children. She is also a Cal Poly Scholar.

Alycia Darby

College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED).
Alycia is an Architectural Engineering major from Honolulu, Hawaii. She is a graduate of Theodore Roosevelt High School. Her love of structures and interest in structural engineering concepts and problem-solving led her to choosing this major. Alycia intends to augment her college career by studying abroad. She also hopes to start a non-profit that designs and builds sustainable and safe homes and facilities for communities in need.

Evan Hall

College of Engineering (CENG).
Evan is a Mechanical Engineering major from Orange and a graduate of Lutheran High School of Orange County. After experiencing a meaningful high school internship in Phantom Works at the Boeing Company facility in Huntington Beach, he hopes to be a workforce leader. Utilizing these experiences as well as the diversified hands-on Cal Poly curriculum, Evan hopes to gain satisfaction connecting disciplines to cultivate a broad-based career.

Maximilian Plotzeneder

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES).
Max is an Environmental Management major from Castro Valley who hopes to minor in city and regional planning. He intends to pursue a career in a public works department at CalTrans. Max was captain of the Castro Valley wrestling team and a member of the American Red Cross. He is fluent in German.

Madison Shepherd

Orfalea College of Business (OCOB).
Madison is a Business Major with an interest in marketing behavior from Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills. She hopes to develop leadership skills to manage the workplace and gain a global perspective on cultural differences. Madison was active in the National Honor Society as a service hours coordinator, President of Without a Roof, and Secretary of the Spanish Honors Society.  

Madeleine Ciano

College of Science and Mathematics (CSM)
Madeleine  is a Biological Sciences major from Costa Mesa. Her early interest in animal habitats and classifying insects evolved into a more personal desire to pursue genetic research. Madeleine is also interested in Environmental Studies; she was President of the Environmental Field Studies Club and a Leader in Training at the Environmental Nature Center in high school. Madeleine was also chapter vice president of the National Junior Classical League.

Alexis Caraveo

College of Liberal Arts (CLA).
Alexis is a Philosophy major who hails from Fresno and was very active in high school leadership and also served as Senior Class President.

Eric Cuellar

College of Engineering (CENG).
Eric is a Mechanical Engineering major from Pacific Grove. While in high school he did research at CSU Monterey Bay, and was President of the Hydroponics Club and Head of Concept Design on the FIRST Robotics Team. Eric also gave a presentation to the United Nations in Nagasaki, Japan, on youths’ outlook for the next year’s Peace Treaty Negotiations.

Sofia Ilic

College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED).
Sofia hopes to use her Architecture expertise within the Fresno community, her hometown, to help it "thrive, not just survive" and continue her outside interests in photography and skiing.

Isabelle Barnes

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES).
Strong interest and passion for all animals but particularly reptiles, their behavior, instincts, and beauty. She hopes to pursue an Animal Science career.

Madeline Wilson

Orfalea College of Business (OCOB).
Advocacy and practical experience in underdeveloped countries focusing on education for the young.

Rebecca Immel

College of Science and Mathematics (CSM), Biology major.
Actively involved in service organizations and aspires to complete her Bachelor's degree and continue on to complete a Nursing degree.

Jordan Miller

College of Liberal Arts (CLA), Communications major.
Served in a variety of public speaking/advocacy roles with a breadth of interest in music, drama, youth groups, and sports teams.

Kathrine Muirhead

College of Engineering (CENG), Environmental Engineering major.
An avid runner, a life member of the California Scholarship Federation, a scholar athlete in high school and a supporter of international human rights.

Lauren Kelly

College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED), Architecture major.
Involved in competitive debate, volunteering, sustainable development and biology, and blues dancing

Adriana Gomez

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES), Animal Science major from Montclair, California. Actively involved in athletics, academics and music.

Kristin Jochum

Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) from Kentfield, California.
Involved in Student Life, Senior Class Council, lacrosse, volleyball, student orientation and peer education programs.

Kristen Field
College of Science and Mathematics (CSM), Mathematics major from Greencastle, Indiana.
Girls' golf team participant, second degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do

Carly Rowan

College of Liberal Arts (CLA), Journalism major.

Brian Cattaneo
College of Engineering (CENG) from Carlsbad, California.
4.09 High School GPA, community volunteer, three-sport athlete, achievement award recipient.

Katie Blaesser
College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) 
from Santa Cruz, California.
4.27 GPA, Valedictorian, National Merit Commended Scholar, AP Scholar.

Rose Clarke
College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science (CAFES) from Cambria, California.
4.25 high school GPA, two-sport athlete, drama club.

Christiane Kragel
Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) from Chico, California.
4.05 high school GPA, community volunteer,
student government and two-sport athlete.

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